To be the premier purveyor of plant-based foods in Central Texas through honest salesmanship,  seamless order fulfillment, education and community outreach. 

Our Story

P.L.O.W. Stands for "Plants Lead Our Way"

After experiencing the difficulties and pain points plant-based operators face in day-to-day operations (I own a plant-based food truck too), I decided to start Plow Distribution: a company focussed purely on plant-based sales and service.  After experiencing enough difficulties with shorts from specialty distributors, mis-orders from broadliners, poor communication and having to run to specialty grocery stores to fulfill shorted orders, I decided enough was enough.  We need a community distributor who understands the plant-based realm and can make plant-based products, service and fulfillment a priority for our community.   Our compass is simple: the more plant-based foods we can bring to market, the more greater good we can accomplish!  


We are happy to demo, sample and educate anyone interested in offering plant-based foods with ease in their businesses, albeit juice bar, coffee shop, grocery bodega, or large scale market.  We make it easy!